Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Maximize Your Experience with Led 4x4 light bars

Introduction of led light bars of configuration 4x4 in the market has enabled you to maximize your experience of efficient and smart system of lighting today. These light bars are designed and fabricated as part of extensive research in this age of modern lighting technology. 4x4 light bars of led construction is considered as popular among users of automobiles, at construction sites, industrial workplaces, and even at domestic places. The superior characteristic features exhibited by light bars provide you with remarkable efficiency accompanied by wonderful optics in comparison to any other old and traditional system of lighting. You can find these 4x4 light bars offering you the brightest illumination at the place where you are using. The unmatched performance is based on the design that it makes use of a patented reflector of hybrid system. The light bars are manufactured by many entrepreneurs today. They are considered to be the global leaders enabling you to maximize your experience when you buy and use these innovative types of lighting solutions.   

The advantage of choosing 4x4 LED light bars
There are several advantages of using these 4x4 Led light bars. They provide you light up to 18,000 lumens of powerful light. Their life span is a whopping 50,000 hours of operation. These Led light bars are compatible to 12 volts and 24 volts battery system with ninety three percent optical efficiency. The Led light bars are designed with an extruded type of alloy housing and unbreakable patented lens. You can get these Led light bars through which you can derive spot, flood or combo beam of light. The lights do not get heated up, and gives you light at cool working temperature. You can switch these lights on or off instantly. There is no vibration or bouncing of the light beam. You do not find any bulbs being burnt out. There is no need of ballast to mount. You will not find any hot spots or shadows created. The package is provided with an easy two wiring installation system. The 4x4 lights bars is provided with an in built fuse, relay and switch. 
Other important characteristic features of 4x4 LED light bars
These Led light bars are designed incorporating a heat sink that can keep the Leds working brighter and cooler. Hence, the lights have longer life span. The driver circuit of Led is super efficient. This feature allows ninety seven percent of the power directly to Led bulbs. The lights incorporate customized moulded rubber seal for one hundred percent water proof enclosure. It uses less power and gives you longer life with high reliability.

Cree type 4x4 LED light bars 
They are straight type of 4x4 Led light bars providing you light at ninety-six percent efficiency. These are considered as new generation type 4x4 light bars available in the market. It offers well defined optics to give you the brightest light to longer distance. The lights are designed with advanced type of heat sink to increase the life of the Led. Each Led light bar is subjected to a finish testing and its workability is checked for duration of at least three hours. You can easily install and do not need any additional cable. 

These Led light bars are considered as more than ordinary and advanced Led light bulbs giving you more than 30,000 hours of life. They are housed in rigid Aluminium casing and are shock and water proof. You can get softer light through which you can avoid glare.

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